You Are the Salt of the Earth - Meaning and Explanation

In Matthew 5:13, Jesus says tells us, "You are the salt of the earth" (WEB). What exactly did he mean by this biblical metaphor? There are three attributes that salt has that can be accurately compared to our own attributes as disciples of Christ. Let's explore these attributes briefly.

Salt is Flavorful

I recently began developing an interest in cooking, and as I began making different dishes, I quickly discovered that salt makes a huge difference in the taste of the final product. As they say, salt brings out the flavor in food.

Likewise, we bring out the flavor in life. We who are disciples of Christ demonstrate that life is meant to be lived with enthusiasm and excitement! And that leads us to the second attribute of salt.

Salt is Addicting

Although we don't think of ourselves as being salt addicts, it is true that eating something with salt does make a person want more of that food. Try eating just one potato chip. Yeah, have fun with that!

Likewise, when we as disciples of Christ show the world how flavorful life really is, it makes people want to experience the fullness of life (which is only found in Christ) over and over again. It also makes us eager to continue living in the fullness of Christ's life every day.

Salt is Naturally a Preservative

You may not be aware of this, since the refrigerator is commonly used nowadays to preserve food, but salt can be effectively used to preserve a variety of foods, including certain meats (if done properly). Imagine for a moment that the fridge and freezer did not exist. We would then be forced to depend on salt to keep meat fresh and safe to eat.

It's the same with us as believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just as much as we need the help of God to live well on this earth, so also he needs us, his children and willing servants, to continue spreading the Good News throughout the world. Thus, by the grace of God, we (like salt), help to preserve the gospel so that all can hear and believe in it.

Let's continue to be the salt of the earth! We make life flavorful, compel others to want what we have (life in Christ), and we help God to preserve his Gospel and share it with others around the world.
About The AuthorJonathan Hostetler lives in southern Pennsylvania. He grew up in a strong Christian family, dedicated his life completely to Jesus at the age of 9, experienced a spiritual breakthrough at the age of 15, and is now in his mid twenties, joyfully serving Yahweh and sharing Yahweh's message of salvation and hope both on the internet and in person.
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