Restoration Of What Was Lost (Joel 2:25)

Have you lost years of hard work, or does it seem like all the time you put into a project was wasted? Do not despair, because there is hope for those who know Yahweh.

Sometimes our goals do not get accomplished simply because they were not meant to be. Yahweh may have bigger and better plans.

Yet there are other times when success should have been achieved, but it was not. Even then, there is hope. Yahweh may be intending to repay you for what was lost, to even provide a surplus, in order that all may know that Yahweh is good to his children.

Repayment of Former Things

The book of Joel tells of a massive destruction by locusts and other swarms that left almost nothing remaining. But just when things started looking grim, Yahweh offered this promise of hope, "I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…" (Joel 2:25 WEB)

That prophecy was spoken to the Israelites, and yet it still has relevance to you and I today. Do you feel like you've wasted years in sin and rebellion, or in doubt and unbelief? The good news is that things can change. There are brighter days in your future, because Yahweh can restore to you all the joy that was lost in those years of suffering.

Abundance of Provision

If Yawheh simply restored the joy that was once yours, that would seem to be enough. But Yahweh is not a "just enough" God. No, he is a "more than enough" and an "overflow" God! He promises that "You will have plenty to eat, and be satisfied…" (v 26)

This is great, because having more than we need means we can share with others. If we had only enough for ourselves, what would be left for others who have need? With the plenty we have, we are able to provide for others just as Yahweh provides for us.

So That All May Know Yahweh

Why is Yahweh so generous? Why would he choose to bless us so much that we have more than we need? First of all, he loves us immensely, and that's reason enough. But another reason is that he wants others to know him, and he wants to build a good reputation.

When others hear you "praise the name of Yahweh, your God, who has dealt wondrously with you," (v 26) it demonstrates to them that Yahweh loves his children and takes care of them. And when others receive what you give out of your abundance, they get first-hand experience with Yahweh's provision and grace.


Yahweh truly loves us, his children. He cares for us enough to repay to us what has been lost. Not only that; he also gives us a surplus, so that we can bless others, and so that others may know Yahweh.
About The AuthorJonathan Hostetler lives in southern Pennsylvania. He grew up in a strong Christian family, dedicated his life completely to Jesus at the age of 9, experienced a spiritual breakthrough at the age of 15, and is now in his mid twenties, joyfully serving Yahweh and sharing Yahweh's message of salvation and hope both on the internet and in person.
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