A Psalm Of Praise And Thanksgiving

Psalm of praise and thanksgiving with a theme of praise and declaration of all that He has done.

Oh my God; how great your works,
How beautiful your creation.

When I was fatherless,
You held your child.

When I was lost,
you found me.

When I wept, you dried my tears;
You brought me joy in sorrow.

When I sought out an answer,
You asked me a question;
"Will you give it your all?"

You gave me your all.

Your arms embraced me,
Like a Lion embraces the cub.

Your protect me,
Like a shepherd after the flock.

Like my right hand to the left,
Your always there.

Your love is like a never ending flow,
That never ceases, but grows stronger.

Your grace, is unfathomable,
And your beauty is matchless.

You gave everything to me,
Just to be closer to me.

You knew that I was unworthy.
You knew that I would fall.
You knew that I was a sinner,
But all you wanted was to be close to me.

You are worthy of it all,
Because you gave it all to me first.

You give me strength when I am weak,
And you give me the words to speak.

You taught me the meaning of LOVE.

Lord, You are loving, and yet your are just;
But your justice is out of love;
And you are love.

Oh my God! My King! My Father! My Everything!
What can a man do to bless you in return!
For I am just a man, I have already failed you,
But you take beauty from ashes.

I will praise you all the days of my life,
I will bless your name for all you have done.

I will go to the highest mountain,
And shout your name!

I will run to the lowest places,
And speak of your great works.

Though I stumble, I will not fall.
No weapon formed, shall separate your steadfast love.

My prayers are of supplication,
You have already done enough.

What more can you give Lord!
You are matchless in every way!

The enemy runs in hearing your name,
The mountains shake, at the sound of your voice.

What is a thousand men,
What is a hundred thousand men against me,
With you by my side.

Like David struck Goliath,
So I, your son, through you,
Will take down nations,
To rebuild them in your name.

I will praise you forevermore,
And still, you deserve more.

I will tell my children of you,
And they too, will be sons & daughters of the Most High.

I will hold your hand through it all,
Father, I know you will never let me fall.
About The AuthorDerek Beamer is going through YWAM's School of Biblical Studies in California, studying the Bible in-depth for nine months. He spent several months in South Africa on a mission trip with YWAM in 2011-2012, and intends to continue serving the Lord in missions.
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