It is Good to Depend on Yahweh (Hebrews 4:16)

Where do you turn when you are faced with challenges or just need some help? When you are in such situations, it is good to depend on Yahweh, to ask for his help, and to thank him for his deliverance. Let's start with a good foundational verse…

"Let us therefore draw near with boldness to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy, and may find grace for help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16 (WEB)

Let Yahweh Help You

When you face a challenge or difficulty, it is much better to depend on Yahweh to help you through the challenge or to bring you out of the difficulty, than it would be to turn to unfulfilling "solutions," such as anger, satanic rituals, deceptive counsel or other such things. Why? Quite simply, Yahweh knows best, and his solutions are fulfilling and long-lasting.

A good example of someone who asked Yahweh for help when he was in trouble is David in the Bible. At one point during David's reign, his own son Absalom turned against him and tried to take the kingdom from his father. David's own life, as well as the lives of those with him, were at risk. We can see in Psalm 3, which David wrote when he was fleeing from Absalom, that he first of all recognized that there was a problem: "Yahweh, how my adversaries have increased" (v 1), but at the same time, he acknowledged Yahweh's protection and his salvation. He chose to depend on Yahweh to deliver him from harm. David boldly declared, "Salvation belongs to Yahweh" (v 8).

Side note: It's interesting to observe that in the midst of David's challenge, when his life was at risk, he still slept peacefully at night: "I laid myself down and slept. I awakened; for Yahweh sustains me" (v5). He did not fear the opposition, but instead trusted in the salvation of Yahweh. We too can rest peacefully even when in the midst of challenges or difficulties, if we rest in the promises of Yahweh.

Remember To Be Extraordinarily Grateful

It is important that before we even experience Yahweh's deliverance, that we thank him in advance. And all the more when we are delivered from the challenge or get through it successfully, that we thank him and remain grateful to him.

Having this attitude of gratefulness helps us to avoid becoming people who only talk to Yahweh or spend time with him when we need help. Thanking Yahweh constantly helps us to have a healthy two-way relationship with our Creator. Remember, just as much as Yahweh loves to help us, he also loves it when we appreciate him.

I'm going to use David again as an example of someone who remembered to thank Yahweh after he rescued him. David was in danger of being killed by Abimelech, so he acted insane so that Abimelech kicked him out of the city saying, "Do I lack madmen, that you have brought this fellow to play the madman in my presence?" (1 Samuel 21:15, WEB)

After Yahweh delivered David from Abimelech, David wrote a psalm of praise, which is recorded in the Bible in Psalm 34. As you read through that chapter, notice how David boasted in Yahweh's power to deliver. He also counsels us to be righteous and to cry to Yahweh when we need help: "The righteous cry, and Yahweh hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles" (v 17). David finishes his psalm of praise by again boasting about Yahweh: "Yahweh redeems the soul of his servants. None of those who take refuge in him shall be condemned" (v 22).

Another example of David thanking Yahweh after he was delivered is recorded in Psalm 18. That psalm is filled with boasts about Yahweh and his delivering power. If you need to increase you confidence in Yahweh's power to deliver, read that psalm over and over again.


If you are facing a challenge or difficulty now, or if you face one in the future, remember that Yahweh is able to save. You can choose to approach Yahweh's throne of grace confidently, knowing that Yahweh is able and willing to extend his mercy and to help you.

Also remember that some challenges and difficulties are good, such as going through school or running a business. We do not need Yahweh to deliver us from those challenges, but rather to bring us through them victoriously, or to help us keep a positive attitude about the work we are doing.

But if you are facing something that is not in Yahweh's will, such as health problems, financial difficulties, or strained relationships, then Yahweh is ready and waiting to help you to get through victoriously and to come out better than you were before.

Remember: It is good to depend on Yahweh!
About The AuthorJonathan Hostetler lives in southern Pennsylvania. He grew up in a strong Christian family, dedicated his life completely to Jesus at the age of 9, experienced a spiritual breakthrough at the age of 15, and is now in his mid twenties, joyfully serving Yahweh and sharing Yahweh's message of salvation and hope both on the internet and in person.
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