Bible Quizzes

The Bible is filled with so much inspiration, instruction, facts, and truths. It is a very large book, but each part of it and every recorded piece of information is helpful in better understanding the Bible as a whole, and thus helps us to better understand Yahweh and his plans for our lives.

Sometimes the small things or the "minor details" recorded in the Bible are so much more important than they seem at first glance. That's why I've prepared quizzes that you can take to help you train your mind to pay attention to the important details within God's Word.

Here's another idea: print out these quizzes and use them in your Sunday School lessons, Bible study discussions, or other Bible-related teachings.

You may be used to calling these quizzes "Bible trivia," and that is exactly what they are. The reason I avoid using the term "Bible trivia" is that trivia basically means "information or facts of little relevance or value," but as I mentioned, each detail in the Bible is very important, so I prefer to use the term "quiz" instead of "trivia."

As you read through and take part in the following Bible quizzes, have fun, and remember that both minor and major facts are equally important to know.